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Minimising Hair Loss Treatment  Oil
Minimising Hair Loss Treatment  Oil
Minimising Hair Loss Treatment  Oil

Minimising Hair Loss Treatment  Oil

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Something Magical

Let’s put the life and bounce back into your hair. This chocolaty, vanilla oil treatment might just be the missing ingredient for making your hair stronger, fuller and healthier.

The dark chocolate truffles layered with succulent figs and orange zest coat your hair with hope. Coconut and almond work to deeply strengthen the scalp. The potency of Thistle oil nourishes the hair follicle and the sandalwood stimulates blood circulation, preventing premature baldness. Castor oil is renowned for its treatment of hair loss and helps regrow new hair. Lastly marshmallow root helps bulking up thin, fine, weak limp hair. whilst plant proteins make individual strands thicker and fuller.


What Is It?

A luxurious lightweight leave in treatment oil bursting with vitamin rich nutrients that feed the hair making your hair stronger, fuller and healthier. Helping to combat hair loss and premature baldness.

Who Is it For?

For people who suffer from hair loss, fine, limp hair. This will strengthen the scalp and feed the hair with protein and vitamins.


  • Minimises hair fall
  • Strengthens hair from root to tip
  • Promotes the growth of new hair
  • Conditioning and nourishing
  • Restores dry and damaged hair
  • Adds shine and lustre

The Ritual

This Treatment oil is designed to be used pre-shampoo before wetting your hair, as using treatments on dry hair means you are not diluting the product, and all of the beautiful essential and plant-based oils, fresh fruits and herbs can fully penetrate the hair.

Prewash treatment: In circular motions massage a few drops of oil onto the scalp and hair right through to the ends. Remember a little goes a long way and the more you massage the better. Leave in for minimum 2 – 4 hours and wash off with YK Shampoo & Conditioner. Repeat this 1-3 times a week for maximum results.


Sandalwood Oil

The antiseptic property of Sandalwood oil stimulates blood circulation in the scalp to encourage optimal hair growth.

Marshmallow Root

Known for its healing and moisturising properties and as a rich source of mucilage Marshmallow Root helps to soften hair naturally whilst plant proteins make individual strands thicker and fuller.

Castor Oil  

Castor oil has been found to specifically increase hair growth and control hair loss, by nourishing the scalp and strengthening the roots.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is used around the world to maintain healthy it has also been found to increase hair growth when you have experienced hair loss.

INGREDIENTS: Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil* (Sweet Almond Oil ), Ricinus Communis Seed Oil* (Castor Oil), Parfum, Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil* (Thistle Oil), Althaea Officinalis Root Extract (Marshmallow Root extract), Amyris Balsamifera Oil (Amyris Oil), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Limonene

* = ORGANIC 44%