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Results from 1 month of weekly masking

Use both masks in combinations to target sore acne and blemishes, pigmentation and uneven skin tone left from acne.

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Tell us a little about your skin and Yasmin Karimi will generate the perfect YK routine for you.

All you need to know for glowing skin

The Power of two! The YK Glow Vitamin C + E Serum is for sure part of your morning daily ritual. But the power comes from pairing it up with a face oil at night! Explore our magical face oils and pick your very own power of two!

Lip Treatments
Invest in Your Pout

“You don’t have to choose between high performance lip care and long lasting buildable colour.

YK Lip Tint Serums along with the beautifully rich Lip Mask and the delicious Lip Polish, they all make the perfect combination that, not only treat your lips but also leave your lips looking & feeling gorgeous.”