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Rose Tinted Collagen Lip Serum

Rose Tinted Collagen Lip Serum

£37.00 GBP

Cupid's Kiss

Kissed by an angel. Cupid’s kiss wraps collagen boosting and ultra-hydrating active ingredients in a super chic rose tinted serum.

A nourishing and restorative treatment that plumps, soothes and hydrates whilst drenching lips in long lasting uplifting colour! Our special formula with Eco Marine Algae Extract and Liftonin dramatically boosts collagen production, whilst Rose Water brightens and lightens and Squalene boosts cell regeneration to diminish fine lines. Cupid’s Kiss is infused with an inspiring and uplifting scent of English Rose and Tea Rose, complimented by gentle citrus notes and a vintage spice undertone.


What Is It?

A long-lasting rose tinted serum bursting with powerful active ingredients to ensure pink and plum lips all day! Our universal face flattering shade compliments and uplifts all.


  • Stains lips with universally flattering rose tint
  • Long lasting and buildable cover
  • Elegant satin finish
  • Collagen boosting
  • Fine line diminishing
  • Lightweight non sticky formula
  • Hydrating and nourishing

The Ritual

Shake before use! For a natural splash of colour, brush one coat onto the centre of your lips and then outwards to the corners of your mouth. For higher intensity repeat the ritual. Enjoy a feeling of empowerment and newly gained confidence when you wear this universally flattering and uplifting shade.


Marine Algae Extract

Eco Marine Algae extract is powerful active ingredient which strongly stimulates production of structural skin proteins. Its gives lips a collagen boost to improve elasticity, tone and skin hydration. It helps to promote healing whilst restoring lips natural suppleness and radiance.

Millet seed & Tannic acid

Millet seed & Tannic acid improves skin from within, by accelerating and increasing collagen production to deliver rejuvenated, flawless lips. It possesses a gentle astringent effect which can help to diminish fine lines to smooth your pout!

Rose Water

Rose gently moisturises your lips whilst gently lightening and brightening to encourage a pink and plump pout!


Squalene boosts cell regeneration and oxygenation to aid in the prevention of age spots and other blemishes whilst minimising the appearance of fine lines and improving skins elasticity.



Giving Back

"The hands that help are holier than the lips that pray"

1% of every purchase goes towards orphans.

We believe in the power of giving and we're dedicated to improving the lives of orphans around the world. With every YK purchase you support our mission. Thank you.

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