Rose Tinted Anti-Wrinkle Lip Serum
Rose Tinted Anti-Wrinkle Lip Serum
Rose Tinted Anti-Wrinkle Lip Serum
Rose Tinted Anti-Wrinkle Lip Serum

Rose Tinted Anti-Wrinkle Lip Serum

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This sheer & cheeky, super chic rose tinted serum will smooth out your lips giving you the feeling of the most powerful woman walking.

Kissed by Cupid's

What is it?

A long-lasting buildable tinted colour serum bursting with powerful ingredients to give you the perfect rosy lips that last all day.

What it does?

Helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles, reducing any discolouration or pigmentation on the lips. Helps  improve lip structure and protects against sun damage.


‣ Reduces lines & wrinkles on the lips
‣ Reduces pigmented/ discolouration lips
‣ Improves lip structure
‣ Helps & prevents lip infections
‣ Helps dry, chapped & sore lips
‣ Gives a flawless, radiant texture
‣ Protects against sun damage
‣ High in Selenium & vitamin C

Emotional Well-being

‣ Soothes the mind
‣ Makes you feel lovable
‣ Relaxing scent of rose petals


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‣ Bring your lips to life by giving them a splash of colour and a healthy glow.
‣ Simply brush a coat on to the lips and build the colour if you wish to have more intensity.
‣ Enjoy the feeling of empowerment and newly gained confidence.

Whilst applying YK Lip Tints, focus on a beautiful vision and indulge in the feeling of positive emotions you feel whilst you are in your vision of manifestation.

Our STAR Ingredients

Tannic Acid

Studies have confirmed that Tannins improved skin structure by reducing wrinkles and lines after 28 days of daily use. We have used this in our lip serum because its effectively helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in our lips. It produces collagen and reinforces the collagen matrix of the lips, giving a flawless, radiant texture to the lips.

Millet Seed Extract

Millet is rich in enhancing the complexation of the lips and high in antioxidant vitamin E which penetrates the lips layers and aids in natural wound healing, in turn helping dry, damaged sore lips. Millet forms a protective layer which keep free radicals away, reduces scarring and increases blood flow to scar tissues. This is great for people who suffer from eczema, extremely dry and pigmented lips or any sort of discolouration. It is also high in Selenium and vitamin C and protects against sun damage amplifying healthy fresh growth of new cells.

Yasmin's Notes

For super nourishing lips be sure to polish your lips with “Raspberry Crush” our Pout Perfecting Lip Polish to scrub away any dryness, so your lips are smooth and nourished before you apply your YK Lip Tint. To add some shine or gloss to your lips after applying the YK Lip Tint use “Twilight Charm” our gorgeous Repairing & Restorative Lip Mask.