Clarifying Mud Mask Cleanser
Clarifying Mud Mask Cleanser
Clarifying Mud Mask Cleanser
Clarifying Mud Mask Cleanser
Clarifying Mud Mask Cleanser

Clarifying Mud Mask Cleanser


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Our signature 2-minute facial stimulates and energises the skin, helping to reveal its radiance.

My Heart's Desire

What is it?

A clarifying mud mask cleanser that gently removes make-up, impurities, pollutants, and excess oil.

My Heart's Desire is infused with magical Rhassoul Mud that detoxifies and softens the skin. This key ingredient is known to improve skin texture, softness and elasticity whilst detoxifying and drawing out impurities.


‣ Scrubs, tones & clarifies
‣ Improves skin texture & elasticity
‣ Washes makeup & impurities away
‣ Fights excess sebum to prevent breakouts
‣ Treats skin damaged by acne, eczema and other skin conditions
‣ Replenishes & rejuvenates dull skin
‣ Prevents moisture loss
‣ Builds skins resilience
‣ Minimises pores

Spiritual Aromatherapy

‣ Deeply relaxing
‣ Helps reduce stress
‣ Prepares you for a good night sleep

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‣ Your 2-minute end of day facial is ready to deeply relax you and prepare you for a good night’s sleep.
‣ Open your mud cleanser and inhale deeply taking in the aromatic scent of lavender and clary sage.
‣ Relax, think positive thoughts and breathe. This will help you feel relaxed and calm.
‣ Apply a generous amount to the face and massage in for up to 2 minutes.
‣ Rinse thoroughly with warm water.


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