Repairing & Renewing Face Cream
Repairing & Renewing Face Cream

Repairing & Renewing Face Cream

Hydrates plumps & renews the skin leaving a dewy illuminated complexion.

Forever Mine & why not?

What is it?

Deeply rich yet still lightweight and silky with a sweet, velvet molasses texture. Forever Mine creates a smooth base by leaving a thin protective film on the skin preventing moisture loss.

Repairing and caring with a calming effect on the mind. Sweet vanilla brings positivity whilst warm honey, creamy milk and hints of almonds gives you an abundant of true comfort. Simply heavenly skin.


‣ Nourishes & smooths the skin
‣ Gives a physical “lift” to sagging skin
‣ Builds resilience in sensitive skin
‣ Stimulates the growth of new cells
‣ Traps moisture in the skin
‣ Increases cell’s ability to absorb oxygen
‣ Brightening & illuminating
‣ Repairs acne pits
‣ Calms redness & irritation
‣ Safe for eczema prone or sensitive skin

Spiritual Aromatherapy

‣ Brings comfort, almost like someone has given you a big warm hug
‣ Calming effect on the mind
‣ Sedative and soothing
‣ Supports the healing process when feeling emotionally drained
‣ Encourages positive thoughts

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‣ Open your jar of comfort and inhale the sweet molasses scent.
‣ Take a deep breath and imagine your stars aligning perfectly.
‣ Smiling away take a desired amount and massage into your skin.

Use morning, night, or any time you feel your skin needs that extra bit of care, comfort, and moisture.