Wonderful Lips

Wonderful Lips

3 heavenly shades of rose, blush & peach lip tinted serums infused with peptide in one fabulous, wonderful lip set.

If you know me, you will know from the age of 16 my obsession was a lip tint I always wanted rosey lips and if there was only one piece of makeup, I could wear it would for sure be a lip tint!

So, I didn’t just want to create a lip colour I wanted it to have a bit more magic in it, so I created lip tints with magical powers. The lip tinted serums have special peptides in them with wonderful properties, you know at YK we love to have fun, but each product must also have a beautiful benefit and a purpose for its use.

What’s Included:

Cupid's Kiss - Rose Tinted Anti-Wrinkle Lip Serum

Not only does this give you gorgeous rosey lips but this serum helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reducing any discolouration or pigmentation on the lips and helps improve the lip structure and protects against sun damage as the lips are the most sensitive part of the face.

Angel Lips - Blush Tinted Rose Quartz Lip Serum

If you want a cheeky blushing lip then this one’s for you, a subtle angel like pink colour with precious rose quartz infused which empowers love and harmony. This lip serum is great for calming the lips and repairing them, encourages new growth of cells and helps comfort eczema, psoriasis or dry chapped lips.

Peachy Plump - Peach Tinted Collagen Lip Serum

Peachy Plump - A apricot peachy colour that gives you the “bitten lip” look. It nourishes and restores the lips making them juicy and plump. Boosts collagen production soothed and hydrated making them firmer and plumper over time.

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